Here is a list of my You Tube & mpg piano pieces by link. Each order must be at least $10.

April $5.00

Bean Sprouts $5.00 Cascades $10.00 Cinderella $10.00
Jeff $5.00 Longing $5.00 Michelle $5.00 Reflections I $10.00
Reflection II $5.00 Reflection III $5.00 Prelude in Three Flats $10.00 Daydream Journey $5.00
Vista Festividad mpg Night Song mpg Valse Caprice mpg Night Fall mpg

I recently suffered a stroke (3-10-2013) partially paralizing the entire right side of my body, so I probably won't be able to make You Tube recordings of my more advanced pieces like Vista Festividad, Night Fall, Night Song, Ballad, Valse Caprice, etc. I should have made these recording several years ago but I didn't. I do have midi files of all these pieces as well as the PDF files of the Music. I even have a live CD performance of me playing many of these pieces at Palomar Community College where I taught midi computing and music history back in 1998-2000. Maybe I can put them up as mp3s. In the mean time you can purchase the pdf music files for teaching these pieces by sending me money at my paypal account. Simply go to log in, go to send money, type in my email address,, enter the amount you wish to send and that it is for goods or services, and click on continue. When the purchase is complete, contact me by email and let me know what you have purchased and I will send you the pdf files you want and have paid for. You must pay at least $10.00. Because once you have the pdf files you can make as many copies of them want. Pick at least 2 of the $5.00 ones or one $10.00, one. You should pay for each copy you use for a different student, but it's up to you. Thank you so much for your support. Charles G. Marlowe